Boss Proposal: ‘How to Pick Stocks’

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imgTom Hamilton

Greetings fellow Stock Bosses. I have a proposal but I need your feedback / vote to see if there is enough interest out there. I’ve talked this over with the good people at www.StockTeamUp.com and they said “Well, yeah. Give it a shot.”

I’m willing to write a series of articles on how many professionals pick stocks. The first series will be about discovering YOU as a trader / investor; a step usually overlooked. The next series will go step by step about the market environment, sector strength and finally stock candidates. At first I’ll talk about what I call “Level 1”, that is, simple, easy to understand and easy to implement with minimal time and effort. If that is well received we may go on to “Level 2” and perhaps “Level 3”. Each level is a little more involved and would take more effort. The idea is to develop a ‘process for profit’ with controlled risk and steady growth of a portfolio.

My goal is to show you a solid approach and point folks toward additional specific resources. No need to “re-invent the wheel” by me repeating information that you can study from an expert. A little about my background: I am a retired registered investment advisor (RIA); I have nothing to sell you . . . just an approach to make better decisions and reduce risk. Another way to say it is ‘putting the odds in YOUR favor’. I’ve been writing a weekly Market Commentary here for years now at www.Special-Risk.net .

So cast your vote and let me know if it’s worth my (and your) time. Either click on the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down icon below. It’s all good either way. Cheers and Good Trading. ..… Tom …..

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