Market Musing 7-18-2022, Dollar dropping, Earning Season is here

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  1. High Volatility: VIX > 24. SPX overall is bearish, however we have been range bound for the last 3 weeks. The US Markets are rising Monday morning on lower Dollars and better expectations for earnings this quarter. Fed Rate Hike is targeting 100 basis points in July. The new expected SPX range for this week: 3951 top and 3776 bottom.

SPX Chart

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  1. US Dollar and 10 Year Interest Rate:

    The US Dollar is pulling back from 109.294 a 20 year high. A weakening Dollar helps US Markets and Commodities this week. The 10Y Note Interest has stabilized around 3% while 30 year fixed rate mortgages are around 6%. The Yield curve has inverted with 2, 5 & 7 year yields higher than the 10 year. Fednow is forecasting a negative 2% GDP for 2Q/2022. This is a sign of the Stagflation (ie Recession plus Inflation). Long Term the US Dollar decline is still intact with Fiscal and Monetary stimulus flooding the world with US Dollars.


Atlanta Fed GDP estimate

  1. Crypto Currency: Bitcoin range bound between $22,500 to $18,500. Can Bitcoin finally break out of this range? Cryptos too are interest rate sensitive. Long Term and Institutional Investors are using this DIP to Dollar Cost Average into both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Watch for other Corporations, Countries, and Institutional investors to accumulate large Bitcoin positions. Please continue to Dollar Cost Average into Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto winter will last for another 12 -15 months, as we wait for the next Bitcoin Halvening in 24 months.


BTC chart

Atlanta Fed GDP estimate

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  1. TRADE Log: VIX > 24
  1. Jade Lizards - AMD, ZM

  2. Put Broken Wing Butterflies - TSLA, GOOGL

  3. Put and Call Credit Spreads - IWM, KWEB,TBT*, UNG

  4. Put Calendars - FFIE, NKE*, XHB, PLTR, DWAC, EWJ, EWG*, BA

  5. Upside Ghetto Spreads - AMZN, TSLA, GOOGL, SAVA, RBLX, ARKG, GOEV

  6. Downside Ghetto Spreads - SPY, QQQ, EWG

  7. Collars - AAPL*, JNJ, F

  8. Weekly Butterflies - SPX 3860 - 3870 (-2) - 3880

  9. Covered Calls - KO, PDBC

  1. Video and Articles

Ray Dalio - The 5 Key Signs of an Empire in Decline



InvestAnswers: Recession Alarm Sounds - On-Chain Technical Analysis


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