Market Musing 4-5-2022, Inverted Yield Curve, Elon Musk buying 9%+ of Twitter

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Market musing from George Crawford @GeorgeCrawIN

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  1. Med Volatility: VIX < 20. SPX is range bound again. The Russian Invasion, Inverted Yield Curve and Fed Meeting Notes Release should add to this weeks volatility. Omicron, Vaccines and Treatments are eliminating Covid-19 domestically and globally. The new expected SPX range for this week: 4620 top and 4471 bottom.

SPX Chart

Sell Put Credit and Call Credit Spreads. Buy Put Calendars, Ghetto Spreads and Butterflies on overbought Stocks and ETFs.

  1. US Dollar and 10 Year Interest Rate:

    The US Dollar is range bound between $99.5 and $97.8 stabilizing. 10 Year Note Interest has risen to 2.48%. The 2Year, 5 Year and 7 Year interest rates have traded higher than the 10 year in the last week. The Yield curve is flattening which typically leads to slow growth. Coupled this with record inflation is a formula for Stagflation. Watch the last video below on how to invest in stagflation. Commodities prices on Gold, Silver, Oil and Wheat remain elevated. Long Term the US Dollar decline is still intact with Fiscal and Monetary stimulus flooding the world with US Dollars.

US Dollars

Dynamic Yield Curve

  1. Crypto Currency: Bitcoin is staying above the $45,000 support. Can Bitcoin retest the $69,000 ATH it reach in 2021? Mass institutional adoption accelerates. Watch for other Corporations, Countries, Investors and Retail investors to jump in Globally. Please continue to Dollar Cost Average into Bitcoin and Ethereum. Start unloading when CBBI.INFO hits 90% to 100%.

    The hottest application areas for Cryptos and Blockchain are Metaverse, Decentralized Finance (DEFI) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, these momentum coins could represent scalping opportunities: Cardano (ADA), Vechain (VET), Hedera (HBAR), Solana (SOL), Chainlink (Link), Terra (LUNA), AXIE Polygon(Matic) and MANA.

BTC Curve

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