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Creating Access to Wealth

We want StockBossUp members to make 25% annually in the stock market. Hence, when you build a financial team, we want your financial team to return 25%. This week, the average financial team made 10.62% APR. this is up from 9.85% as measure mid-February. This comes even as the market is in turmoil due to the Ukrainian crisis. The return held steady thanks to our release of volatility metrics, which has helped raise awareness of volatility. Stock picks in Bonds, Cash and beta-inverse commodities were up in February just before the markets were hit by the recent global crisis.

We have raised awareness about volatility by measuring the volatility of every member on the app. This is a first step in improving performance across the community. Behind the scenes, we are fine-tuning our machine-learning algorithms to help choose the right stocks from the a user's draft picks. Still, the best way to improve your performance is to draft a strong financial team.

Up-to-Date Data

By mid-March we will be integrating our stock data stream into the StockBossUp app. Quote delays will be less than 20 minutes. Stock buys, stock charts, and portfolios will have up to the minute updates on their changes during market hours.

Our community has been asking for up-to-date data and we have worked behind the scenes to make this a reality. Our focus is still on long term investing, but we understand that its important to know what's happening during market hours. As we update our trending algorithms, we are looking to amplify ideas that our members can take advantage of at any point during the day. Our app is not for financial analysts watching the markets all day; our app is for people that have more important work to do during the day. Parents watching children, construction workers doing building, the cashier at a fast food restaurant, or even the engineers designing rocket ships all day. Basically everyone. We want everyone to get access to investment opportunities that they don't have to rush to get into, because we all have other important things to all day. Your investment opportunities will be here when you're ready.

Boosting Posts with BossCoin

Our boosting system has been very successful in putting BossCoin to work. Currently 1 BossCoin will buy 1000 impressions. On the open market, 1000 impressions is about $2 to $6 depending on the audience you are targeting. It is a mission of the Rap Snacks Foundation to support black-owned businesses and black entrepreneurs. We have started discussions of how we can help black entrepreneurs leverage BossCoin on the StockBossUp app to generate interest in their products and services.

Sound investments
don't happen alone

Find your crew, build teams, compete in VS MODE, and identify investment trends in our evergrowing investment ecosystem. You aren't on an island anymore, and our community is here to help you make informed decisions in a complex world.

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