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So getting right passed the pleasantries, Tesla has some proposals Tesla shareholders need to vote on. If you own Tesla, you should vote on these. Here are the basics of what the proposals are and what they mean:

Item One, Two, and Four

Basically, items one, two and four are about corporate governance of the directors. The directors represent the shareholders, kind of like how the Congress represents U.S. citizens. Personnally, a two year term feels a little too low (quick turn around isn't always good), so I'm okay with a three year term. For item number 4, if you think Tesla needs better account over sight than Pricewaterhousecooper (which is an industry standard), then I would vote against it. In general, I would change accountants unless their were accounting irregularities that occur.

Item Three

I have no idea why or who wants to get rid of the supermajority requirement. I would say this is just a small process change, but since the board does not have an opinion on it, I think there may be more politics behind this one between the bigger shareholders (like, say Elon). But I don't know I'm speculating.

Items 5-9

And these are the interesting ones. These are proposed by activist shareholders (hey you should try being one those, its a good thing). A one year term for board members is way too short. What is interesting is the diversity and Inclusion proposal which the board is against! Its an interesting read on why the board is against additional reporting on diversity and inclusion and I suggest reading it for yourself. These suggestions from shareholders are all very interesting, and I'll add more thoughts in the comment section about them as I read each one individually.

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