Start Your Group Today
Stockteamup is built around groups. Anyone can create a group for free. Our system is designed to serve all types of investment groups including investment clubs, investment meetups, universities, classrooms, and adult education. We support idea sharing in numerous national investing associations. If you would like a public forum to discuss an investment topic of your choice, you can build a group for that topic. Do you want an engaging stock competition? Build a group. Our goal is to be your investment social media platform regardless of strategy or ability.
Create a Group
In the "My Groups" page, click the "create group" button to start your own group. Add a group picture, a group profile, and a group type. If you choose to keep your group hidden, then your group will not be seen in group searches. You can also choose to only let users into your group if the group manager (which by default will be you) approves.
Invite Users
You can invite other users to join your group. Currently, you can only invite users who already are registered on the site. Click the invite user button and enter their email. That user will get an invite notification in the "My Groups" page.
Manage Your Group
You can edit and manage your groups in the group management page. With a few clicks, you can change your private group to a public group and change user invitation approvals. Pending requests to join your groups can be approved here. In the group members tab, you can remove members from the group or promote members to be managers as well.
Remove Flagged Content
Any user in your group can flag inappropriate content. Our site administrators monitor content that do not meet our terms of service; however, it's up to group managers to decide if content within their groups meet their own group policies. For example, if your group is a financial education class lead by a teacher, you may want to restrict content to keep discussions focused on topics relevant in the classroom.